1. Forty Percent (40%) deposit required on pre-orders and sales with construction deadlines.
  2. Forty Percent (40%) balance due upon completion of adobes at yard.
  3. Twenty Percent (20%) balance due upon  delivery of order’s first load.
  4. Copy of Lab report on Compression Tests, Wet Compression Tests and Modulus of Rupture with each order available on request for Building Safety Officials. Arizona Adobe Company complies with 2006 IBC, IRC & 2003 New Mexico Earthen Building Materials Code: EARTHEN BUILDING MATERIALS CODE.
  5. Breakage guaranteed not to exceed 5% at the time of delivery. Normal breakage rate is less than 2%.
  6. Pallet deposits are $15.00. Customer responsible for returning re-usable pallets to adobe yard.
  7. No returns on unused adobes.
  8. Truck trailer forklift driver deliveries are available at $125.00 per hour port-to-port. We log in when we leave and return to the yard for accurate time/charges.
  9. Signed and dated Tax Exempt forms on file will be accepted.
  10. Customer responsible for meeting deliveries on site to show drivers where to put the adobes. It's easy to put them in the wrong place and they are very heavy to relocate. Arizona Adobe Company is not responsible for adobes being delivered in wrong place.
  11. Take-offs for your project are done ASAP and will be as close as we can to the estimated delivery times/charges. If the delivery time is higher or lower we will make the adjustments as necessary.
  12. Adobe products are unique, they are not perfect. There will be variances in size, color, texture, shrinkage and cracks which may cause physical irregularities in the wall surfaces but do not impact the structural integrity of the wall. Allowances to the contract will not be made as a result of such occurrences. Adobe is earth after all, there is always concrete for the perfectionists.