ARIZONA ADOBE COMPANY makes and sells two types of adobe bricks - puddled and pressed. We can either ship them to your location, nationwide, or we can make them on your site; whichever option is the most efficient and practical for you. Please note: All shipping and handling fees originate from the location of our production yards.

Find information below on our bricks and pricing. For more in-depth information on adobe, including its benefits, please visit our FAQ page. If you are serious about working with us, please see our TERMS & CONDITIONS page. If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to email or call.

To begin production, a simple combination of earth and water is mixed to a near mud consistency. The mixture is then laid in forms on the ground to mold the mud into the desired brick shape and size.  The form is lifted off the adobe when the mud dries enough to keep the adobes shape without the form.  After a day or two of sunshine, the bricks are set on edge to dry.  The drying process can take from one to four weeks to fully cure depending on weather conditions.

Puddled adobes result in bricks with a more individual shape, size and look; no two bricks are quite the same. They provide for a unique and pleasing aesthetic when left exposed in a finished wall. We provide all matching mortar for your project.

Sizes               Use                                 Portland Stabilized
4x4x16            Veneer.                             $ 1.60                      
6x4x16            Veneer & Horno                  $ 1.80
8x4x16            Standard                           $ 2.00
10x4x16          Standard                           $ 2.60
12x4x16          Standard                           $ 2.80
16x4x16          Standard                           $ 3.60 


Pressed adobe blocks (sometimes known as compressed adobe bricks or Earth blocks) are created using a combination of modern day technology and traditional earth building knowledge.

Pressed adobe bricks are enhanced by utilizing hydraulic presses and machine automation. Soil is mixed with water and if desired a stabilizing agent like Portland cement to create a damp mix. The mixture is then set in the brick machine's form, where the force of a hydraulic press, presses and compacts the soil into the desired shape and size.  The bricks emerge almost completely dry and ready for building.

Pressed adobes provide significant increases in strength, both in compression and modulus of rupture.  Pressed adobes also provide for quicker and more efficient installation because of their uniformity of size and shape. The hydraulic force increases soil density, which increases the bricks thermal mass ratings. Pressed adobes can be made in all seasons because of the reduced moisture content. We provide all matching mortar for your project.

Sizes                Use                                 Portland Stabilized
8x4x14             Standard                           $1.80
10x4x14           Standard                           $2.20
4x4x16             Romans/Veneer                 $1.60
6x4x16             Standard                          $1.80
8x4x16             Standard                           $2.00
10x4x16           Standard                           $2.60

Arizona Adobe Company will make any size, shape, or type of adobe brick you desire. We are capable of making custom colored bricks from specified dirt or make special shaped adobes to meet architectural demands. We are here to meet all of your custom adobe needs. Both semi-stabilized and straight-mud (un-stabilized) adobes are available by request. All custom jobs are 100% pre-paid.

Site made adobe bricks vary widely in cost.  However, a good rule of thumb would be to expect bricks made on site to cost between $2.50 and $3.00 each. For rural sites and those with difficult access, site made adobes often work best for logistics and shipping costs. Arizona Adobe Company has made bricks from the borderlands of Mexico to the ranch country of Montana. We are ready to come to you.

Mortar is screened to a size of 1/8" minus and is available at $ 80 per ton plus delivery. Fifty-pound sacks are available at $ 15 per sack.

Freight prices are quoted individually according to location. Delivery includes a semi truck with forklift.  One should assume a delivery fee of $4 per mile, one way, from our production yards.

Arizona Adobe Company will provide full service adobe production at your site - from sourcing earth material to palletized adobes.  Full service production includes:

-Site Visit & Evaluation
-Material Sourcing
-Soil and Adobe testing
-Equipment Mobilization
-Adobe Production


If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to CONTACT us!