Adobe Builder News:

Adobe Building Systems, LLC: Adobe Building Systems has created a unique and enhanced adobe building system called Adobe Madre (Mother Adobe) which is based on the world’s most common building method: the laying-up of  humble adobe bricks.

Affordable Adobe: Sustainable, traditional Builders in NM.

Allstate Builders, Inc: Allstate Builders builds a wide variety of custom buildings for its customers, from small storage sheds to guest houses, artist studios, portable classrooms, potting sheds, a  small chapel and more. These buildings are built completely on it's construction site in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, loaded on a truck and taken to it's customer's location.

American Clay: Manufactured in and using materials from the United States, American Clay Natural Earth Plasters uses natural clays, recycled and reclaimed aggregates, and vibrant natural pigments.

The Canelo Project: Web site of Athena and Bill Steen, pioneers of straw bale and earth construction. Workshops in Southern Arizona and Mexico.

Down to Earth Design, Inc.: Designers of exclusive eco-sensible buildings.

Earth Block Inc.: Earth Block, Inc. was founded by Jim Hallock in 1994, after searching far and wide for a suitable building material that was non-toxic. Earth Block made perfect sense, not just for Jim, but for the masses. Jim's passion for building with dirt quickly became a life ambition and vocation.

Earth Clay Works: Owners Kip Golden and Melissa Rossman provide full services for American Clay Natural Earth Plasters, including full installation, training and repairs. Located in Colorado.

Friends of Flagstaff: To sustain and enhance the  greater Flagstaff, Arizona area’s high quality of life through activism and advocacy of policies supporting a livable community.

Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club:

Green Home’s Info on Adobe: A good resource for basic adobe building info, including book suggestions.

The "Green Team" of Russ Lyons Realty: Realtors based in Sedona, AZ who specialize in green real estate.

Huston Rammed Earth, Inc.: Huston Rammed Earth is a family-owned company with more than 25 years of experience building rammed earth.

Midwest  Builders LLC: Midwest Earth Builders specializes in construction that incorporates green building materials, Earth Blocks, and energy efficient design.

Mudcrafters Construction: The intent of MudCrafters Construction is to build a home, yet more specifically it  is to specialize in alternative building methods, as well as natural, or green  materials.

My Green Buildings.Com: MyGreenBuildings, LLC focuses on designing and building Green Homes. We design and build new homes, and retrofit older homes using state-of-the-art green standards and practices -- and by using sustainable building practices, renewable materials and energy efficient  design.

NM by builder David C. Peterson: This site was constructed to allow people to experience the construction of a high end, custom adobe home through weekly updates.  Over a period of a year-and-a-half, repeat visitors watched this home slowly take shape, they watched it win six awards and they watched it become a feature home of SU CASA MAGAZINE.

Northern Arizona University's Center for Sustainable Environments: CSE is a national leader in university-based sustainability science. Northern Arizona University, which is becoming increasingly known as a "green" campus, is a fantastic resource for students who are eager to combine their academic careers with social outreach in environmental fields.

Solamente Clay Walls, LLC: Solamente Clay Walls was founded by Sally and Kent Gurley, seasoned (well beyond salt and pepper!) professionals with extensive backgrounds in green products, construction, design, and color. Located in Placitas, NM.

Soledad Canyon Earth Builders: Known for their unique rammed earth homes, located in Las Cruces, NM.